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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  March 27, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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. good day, everyone. i'm alex witt in new york, the place for politics. let's get to new reaction a short time ago from donald trump and ted cruz about their ongoing personal feud. trump not holding back his attacks on cruz's wife, heidi. >> things about heidi that i don't want to talk about and i'm not going to talk about it. you can look, but i wouldn't talk about them. i'm responding to what he does. the press likes to make me the bad guy. he knew about the picture. he may have even bought the rights to the picture, meaning his campaign. he is close to this super pac. i didn't start, this he did. >> he hasn't campaigned for a week and late at night he attacks my wife and attacks heidi. it is inappropriate and wrong and frankly disgusting to see a candidate attacking the spouse
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of another and it is a sign of just how scared on donald is because he doesn't want to discuss the substance. >> they are on the heels of the long interview with the "new york times" calling into question. >> john kasich is turning the tables of those calling on him to quit. >> let them consolidate. i'm the that can win in the fall and get the cross over votes. >> on the democrat side, bernie santers is celebrating and he won with 82% of the vote. in hawaii he got 70% and in washington state he beat hillary clinton with 73%. sanders picked up delegates from the three talk uses putting the count at 1003 to hillary's 6878 and here's his reaction on "meet the press."
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>> we have the momentum and i think a lot of the super delegates are now beginning to look at which democratic candidate is in the best place to defeat donald trump. some of them are beginning to understand it's bernie sanders. >> all five candidates are taking a break until tomorrow when they resume focus on the next big race. democrats and republicans will hold primary there is. 96 delegates are at stakes and 42 for the republicans. let's go to washington state. how are the candidates reekding to the sweep? >> this was momentum and you heard him mentioning momentum on the national shows sunday morning. a good time to get out. he talked about holding on to that.
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it started in portland and there was a famous moment where a bird landed on the podium. he held a rally the night before the caucus and a sweeping victory in alaska and hawaii. that was what he needed to keep his chances alive and have the conversation now about super delegates. this will be the issue going forward and the argument he is able to make to the democratic party before the convention is listen, i won states by a marge margin. 70% and 80 percents are in places. we could be in for an entering convention. >> what are sanders and clinton doing to prepare? are they crisscrossing the state or what's the plan? >> they are crisscrossing and there will be big rallies in milwaukee and madison. it should be a bit of a home
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field advantage. it's a liberal place with a young base that should be excited about getting out. they will turn their attention to new york. new york is going to be a huge battle ground with almost 300 delegates and a place where clinton has a home base office. bernie sanders calls brooklyn home. that should be a very, very importantly contested convention. primary before we get to the convention. the sanders camp would like to prohibit the idea that this convention like it is on the republican side is up in the air. i think perry is standing out in the rain for us. vaughn is in milwaukee, wisconsin for us. is wisconsin make or break for the cruz campaign? they move east to trump country. >> exactly.
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this is an interesting part about wisconsin. i talked to a political scientist and he said this state had a hard time getting around trump. that was what the basis was. you have cruz at 36% and donald trump at 35%. they are at 19 or 20%. what we saw is before rubio dropped out, they had a 10-point advantage over cruz. what happened? a lot of that against mainstream establishment support and the other part to john kasich. the issue lies for ted cruz and you have john kasich with 20% of the vote. is he able to convince the people of wisconsin enough that if you want an anti-trump vote, that is going to be me. there is eight of them here in the state where you were able to pull delegates from.
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you want to pull them and even eight of these delegates or districts to pull off delegates. john kasich is in the way. if you look at neighboring state of michigan, they voted just two weeks ago and that's what you saw. you saw both with 25%, and kasich. with trump winning the state. >> splitting the other than trump vote. thank you very much for that. plets bring in the national politics and with a welcome to you, i want to stay with this. you wrote about the gop establishment and we are looking at the article in which you write it's starting to back him up. even though they don't think he can win. how unprecedented is that? >> the whole race has been. it was john mccain endorsing ted cruz. they hit ted cruz who shut down the government and forced the
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politics over the last four years and moved the gop base further away. now they have no choice but to give him the keys to the car. it's sad, but this is where the party is right now. ted cruz is the last train to the coast. that's the only way to get there and this is a matter of resignation and not ted cruz. a lot of folks would rather lose with ted cruz. they are not thinking ted cruz has a great chance, but he does less damage to the party brand
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and to the down and also the senate. they said we might lose with cruz, but we don't lose everything. >> to add to the controversy, they called mitch mcconnell a liar. can these party elites do anything to affect the out come? >> this is an establishment grappling with the fact that they have no control. they had an answer and it's clear they do not have an answer for donald trump. they spent millions of dollars trying to derail him and it hasn't worked. it is frustrating and he has been teflon to a lot of attacks and he heads done and said things you can get away with. this is how confounding it is that they are running against a unique figure and they don't know what to do.
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they worry about the long-term damage he is doing to the party as he continues to be standard fare for the party at the moment. they worry almost as much about him losing as winning the general i lection and seeing him as the face of the republican party for the next four years. a lot of republicans would be content to reset and move ahead to 2020. >> i will say a lot of people that i know, registered republicans are saying if it comes down to trump vz clinton, we are going clinton. >> yeah. a lot of these people don't think ted cruz can beat hillary either, but what holds the party together. at least he is a republican. the party itself is unraveling and donald trump has no more to conservative principals. he doesn't. he is bringing new voters in, but a lot of voters have voted
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democrat over the last several decades. this is just a crazy point for not just the republican establishment, but the entire party. there is a let of concern. >> will there be a contested convention and how conventional is the wisdom that it comes down to a fourth person. not trump, not cruz, not kasich. >> there very few people who want to say that because it is alienating. a lot of people say it should be somebody who is running for president right now. donald trump said there will be riots if you want to take this away from me. there is truth in when he is saying. if it seems this is not above board and there is a back room deal and maneuvering and use of rules on the floor to take this
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away from donald trump and undermine the nomination process, that will be problematic for the party. if you think people are angry now, wait until you do that. that's why you have paul ryan. scott walker said it could be somebody and maybe this is self serving, but it could be somebody who is not on the ballots at the moment. all the possibilities are on the table right now. what the media task is just getting to cleveland and keeping donald trump from getting there. ted cruz is not going to hit that number either, but if he can prevent trump from getting there, if kasich can take a few delegates over the next month, maybe you goat cleveland and it's wide open. >> it is so interesting right now. i have to say that. >> that's one way to put it. >> thanks. trouble in brussels. who created the chaos and why?
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now to the latest on the terror in brussels. a group of protesters chapting anti-isis slogans that has become a memorial to the victims of tuesday's bombings. earlier a solidarity rally scheduled had been postponed at the government's request because they are stretched too thin to ensure safety. they carried out a number of raids and four people have been detained and no word if they were related to tuesday's bombings. bill nealy is following the developments for us. let's talk about the protests. i understand there have been arrests. >> good afternoon, alex from i
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windy, rainy brussels. it's not just the weather that was ugh leechlt there were ugly scenes in the square behind me about four hours ago. a crowd of about 400 mostly young men dressed in black descended on this square in what they called was an anti-isis demonstration. they are from a right wing group and against immigrants. they began chanting some right wing fascist slowingance. we are the people, this is our home and the state is an isis accomplice. they made gestures and threatening phrases towards the muslims who were gathered here as part of a large crowd. the crowd began chanting back
10:19 am
and they are saying we are all the children of immigrants. riot police began to move in and riot shields and corralling the young guys. and pushing them back from the square. eventually two vehicles were brought in and water can ons were used against this group of people. it lasted an hour and we don't want to exaggerate what happened, but it was an ugh low reminder of what can happen after tuesday's bombings in which 28 people were killed. it is if you like one of the aftershocks from tuesday's attacks. >> that's a good way to put it. can you tell me about the raids across belgium. there were three cities i believe involved. >> yes. multiple locations.
10:20 am
and 13 house raids all together. nine people were arrest and five released immediately. four people are still being questioned. as you said, i think we don't know if there is a relation to the actual attacks on tuesday. what we know and most significantly is that three people were charged yesterday with the most serious offenses including a man who has been charged as a direct participant in tuesday's bombings. he has been charged with terrorism and murder and with membership of a terrorist organization. that really is the sis 95 ct breakthrough and you will hear if the four people will be held and will be questioned. >> bill neely, thank you so much from brussels. the vice president of the central policy. it's nice see you again. i'm curious about the latest arrests. have they given authorities a new insight on isis operations and whether they are likely to
10:21 am
spread beyond the mideast. >> i hope so. the fact that the people are being rounded up and detained not only in belgium, but france and italy and elsewhere suggest that the authorities are really concerned that something new is going to be happening. as you know, the french said they stopped another attack a couple of days ago in the final stages of happening. the fact that they are rounding up the usual suspects, hopefully they will stop the attacks and if the attackers and all the accomplic accomplices, if they are to be stopped, they have to be rooted out over the next several months. >> with the experts watching, are they able to perhaps pick up reasons for new concern here in the u.s.? >> it's because here in the united states, there have been
10:22 am
about 80 something people arrested for their isis related activity. and you have hundreds and hundreds of people willing to go to syria and to do whatever they are doing and come back to europe. that's a much greater concern for european authorities. >> how would you expect the enforcement to react to what happened in belgium? >> they are very concerned about something like this happening here. the people called a cab to take them to the airport with their
10:23 am
explosives. they are moving all the way to the airport. these people are not super villains and your regular folks with the regular number of interesting ways to kill people. the fact that the fbi and the cia and law enforcement are looking forward to crack the places, they are willing to kill people and stop the weapons and logistics networks and suggest certain ways to bring it here to the united states. >> in the wake of tuesday and domestically or will we? >> that was after the brussels bombing happened. d.c. metro said there was no increased warning that something was going to happen.
10:24 am
i would naj new york city, l.a., chicago, elsewhere here in d.c., you have increased interest in stopping the attacks. eventually you need intelligence to stop the bad guys. >> thank you so much. good conversation. >> thank you. >> bernie sanders celebrated at a rally in wisconsin where he is just behind hillary clinton, but on the front page of the sentinel focused on the gop and donald trump. how is his message resonating? this... is how it begins... with a mighty roar... that tells the world... we're coming for you. that tells the world... testing, testing... 1, 2, 3, 4... ♪ ♪look out honey... ♪because i'm using technology...♪
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>> there things about heidi that i don't want to talk about. i'm not going to talk about them. can look, but i am responding to what he does. the press likes to make me the bad guy. he knew about the picture and may have even bought the rights to the picture meaning his campaign and they are close to the super pac. i didn't start this, he did. >> that was this morning. can you believe your candidate is doubling down? >> when someone attacks you, have to defend yourself. i agree with mr. trump. >> okay. what do you think about voters in iowa? is this the discourse they want to hear from the candidates? >> we are not talking about iowa any longer. we are moving down the road on the campaign trail.
10:29 am
voter thags know him and want secure borders and want jobs and want the veterans taken care of, they are not appalled by this conversation. the people that support mr. trump support mr. trump for what he is going to do for america, not for what he is saying. in defense of his wife milania, i happen to know her and she is a wonderful woman. >> why do you think he doesn't focus more on what you say. his policy and what he wants to do for america and specifics as opposed to getting in the mud with ted over all this? >> he does. if you attend his rallies, they are filled with what he is going to do to make america great again and his policy and taxes. just securing the borders and creating the jobs and the veterans. what he is going to do for the veterans and all the things that are the reason why he is the number one front-runner and the reason why so many people are excited about voting again and
10:30 am
coming out by the millions to vote. he does give the meat, but when someone attacks his wife or his children, hooey is going to fight back. he knows that ted cruz was behind this. he is going to defend himself. i appreciate that. >> how long does this go on? we should be past it now. >> people are talking about it and still blaming mr. trump for this. mr. trump had nothing to do with this. i experienced that firsthand here in iowa. we do in the play dirty. mr. trump is just defending himself because the media won't stop talking about it. ted cruz started this. >> i want to talk about the lengthy interview he offered up to the "new york times" in which mr. trump summed up his world view with. i'm not an isolationist, but i am america first.
10:31 am
do you think that's a realistic approach in today's world? >> absolutely. mr. trump has millions of followers who are dedicated, loyalists and supporters who are thing him. we need mr. trump. america is speaking. look. you can't go to a rally. we have to turn people away from entering our rallies because there so many people who want to hear what he has to say. he is our only hope. what he is saying is resonating with the american voter and that is why he is doing so well. >> not all american voters in the gop. you are well aware that there is talk of a contested convention if he doesn't get the required delegates. nbc news is reporting that the campaign is assembling strategists to convert the delegates between the last primary and the start of the convention, 40 days in which to do that. do you have a sense of how concerned they are about the
10:32 am
possibility? >> woe work for mr. trump. he doesn't do anything halfway. it's always the best. he has a great professional team behind all of this, but we are confident on the trump camp pain that he will get the 1237 and we are confident in going into the constleangz it's going to be fair game because he will have gotten the 1237 and we won't have a problem. we are prepared. we have a plan b. >> we will have to talk about that again from iowa. thank you so much. thanks. how might donald trump be like richard nixon as president? . owen! hey kevin. hey, fancy seeing you here. uh, i live right over there actually. you've been to my place. no, i wasn't...oh look, you dropped something. it's your resume with a 20 dollar bill taped to it. that's weird. you want to work for ge too. hahaha, what? well we're always looking for developers
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welcome back. a donald trump first as a
10:36 am
candidate shares details of a foesh policy here at the "new york times." let's bring in the daily beast columnist and author of obama and his enemies. let's get right to the interview. you have seen it. trump describes his foreign policy as america first, saying we have been disrespected, mocked, and ripped off for many, many years and we will not be ripped off any more. we will be friendly, but not take edge advantage of by anybody. how is that different than isolationism which he takes care to say he does not support. >> it will be a trackive to some, but hillary clinton will point out the downside. it was the isolationist organization in the united states in the 1930s and early
10:37 am
40s before pearl harbor. i'm not sure donald trump knows that. he might have been bullying kids in high school or in college when he should have been reading history. if he had known anything about major parts of american history, he would not not to use that craze america first. what happened was that thoses ailationists were proven horribly wrong. they wanted to apiece adolph hitler by saying no, it's none of our business. let's stay here and not worry about it. we know what happened with that policy. it is a kind of isolationism. the reason he said he is not igsilationist is he would retaliate big time any time somebody insulted him that would happen on day two of his presidency. this was a very dangerous sounding interview. he talked about basically
10:38 am
nuclearizing asia by letting other asian countries develop nuclear weapons. this is not a good idea. he talked about abandoning saudi arabia if we think things are unstable in the mideast right now, wait until saudi arabia gets cut loose and our oil supplies are disrupted and all kinds of other bad things happen. if we have a trade war that are reliable and it would cost more than four million american jobs. we would have unemployment going past 10%. there serious consequences to a donald trump presidency. it's hard to think what they were. you had to look closely. they were there. the warning signs were there in that session. >> he mentioned several times in the interview how much he values unpredictability. he thinks it's an effective tablthic and that was also a hall mark as you know of richard
10:39 am
mix on's critics. it was just a way of committing to a specific plan. >> first of all, trump is right that some unpredictability can be good especially in a combat situation. it's not wise for the united states to take anything off the table and insertion of ground troops. you don't want them to know what you are doing. the problem is that that can lead to some really unfavorable consequences. nixon 4 what was called the mat man strategy with north vietnam. he wanted the north vietnamese not to know whether he might be a mad man and use nuclear weapons against them and that would give the united states leverage at the table. it didn't work. the downside of unreliability is that then your allies can't
10:40 am
depend on you. you are unpredictable. it's not in a world of alliances that kept us from having a world war since 1945. these alliances that he wants to dismantle are the centerpieces of our security and predent on predictability and the opposite of what trump is talking about. >> here was a big point. the first trump said he would not address a two-state solution, but in the academy he said i support a two-state solution on israel. there is a lack of clairility on the issue. >> he doesn't know the details and had to be reminded that the position he is supposed to take is a two-state solution. he would not get anything done on the air of israeli conflict,
10:41 am
but worse is all of the other things that would deteriorate if he moved in the direction that he was indicating where he wants to cut saudi arabia loose. there bad actors in saudi arabia. i have been there. it's not a nice country. there is i reason why the united states had an alliance with saudi arabia since franklin roosevelt established it. our economy runs on energy and as we move towards natural gas, those are a small part of our energy picture. saudi arabia continues to be an extraordinary important ally if we want the economy that we have been used to. >> okay, jonathan. come back any time. >> thanks a lot. >> overseas, dozens of right wing protesters converge on the memorial site. police ended up firing water cannons and 12 people were
10:42 am
arrested. carry simmons was right in the middle of all of it. good day to you. it looks like sunset is approaching. >> officials saying they arrested 12 people and the right wing protesterings are coming here to this square and confronting peaceful demonstrators who are here to mourn the victims. as you mentioned, water can ons were moving through the square and pushing them away and ended up in running along the street with them. the protesters are throwing missiles and in places and flairs at the police and pushing them down the street back to the rail station and sending them back where they came from. >> all right. quickly with the raids, what do we know about the likelihood as to whether some people will be detained for sometime yet. >> 13 raids and nine arrested.
10:43 am
five of those have been released. meanwhile an outline of how international this manhunt is. we hear about one suspect arrested in italy. a man is accused of putting together papers for three of the terrorists in paris and brussels. we don't know the exact detail of why these people have been arrested today, but you can see that they are spreading the net wide and reaching every connection they can. >> which we like to hear. thank you so much. next up in the battle for the white house, wisconsin. the issues that could drive the vote. it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks
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(announcer vo) love. (mom) we're ok. (announcer vo) it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. >> now to wisconsin. joining me now is jason stein. with a welcome to you and thanks
10:47 am
for joining me on this holiday. your governor said that will convention could be contested and who do you think he meant? >> that's an interesting question. they have been close with paul ryan and that is potentially a reference to speaker ryan or punditry. >> what about his endorsement and do you expect him to do so and who might that be? >> in the next several days, i expect him to endorse senator from texas or say he is voting for cruz. that doesn't necessarily mean that he will support cruz in the republican convention and you can refer back to the comment you just mentioned. there is no fan of donald trump. >> do you have an overall sense
10:48 am
of reaction from the wisconsin voters to the ugly feud between trump and cruz. how it might play out in racine or madison. >> that's a great question. again, we are a mid-western state and here we have a texan and a new yorker battling in a real unusual war of words. first over their wives and then over their personal lives. so it will be interesting to see when we have the next poll on wednesday how the state reactions to that. i go back to one person who was quoted saying i can't stand to listen to donald trump talk, but i think i will vote for him. i don't expect it to go over well. people may go to whoever they were leaning towards going into this battle. >> what about general election perspective. the last time as you know, they went republican in 1984 with
10:49 am
ronald reagan. what are the chances you go republican heres you look at the landscape? >> of course. right now the democrats look to be well positioned during presidential years. they are a likely state. but obviously it can be close. the democrats won, but president bush came close to wisconsin and if a republican comes close, even if he doesn't win, that still bodes well for him in the nation as a whole. >> from the democrat side, who has the edge there? hillary or bernie? we have a poll that shows hillary clinton up, but is that the truth on the ground? >> i do. i do feel like hillary clinton has an edge in this state. we will know better when the marquette university law school poll comes out on wednesday.
10:50 am
it's a very good poll. at the same time obviously senator sanders notched three victories last night and wisconsin has good good demographics for him so obviously this is a competitive primary on both sides, and you're seeing that in the way the candidates are campaigning. >> absolutely. we'll be watching very closely for april 5th. >> donald trump, confident he'll win enough delegates to capture the nomination. a new calculation may really make him sweat. because, healthier doesn't happen all by itself. it needs to be earned every day. using wellness to keep away illness. and believing a single life can be made better by millions of others. as a health services and innovation company optum powers modern healthcare by connecting every part of it. so while the world keeps searching for healthier we're here to make healthier happen.
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10:54 am
donald trump getting to 1257? >> my colleague looked at the delegate side and we got trump to 1239 so just right about where he needs to be. however, part of that included trump winning wisconsin and getting the lions share of the delegates there. the polls sort of indicate that trump and ted cruz are basically tied there, so if trump falls short in wisconsin, maybe falls short in some other places, then he's not going to get to 1237. >> okay. how does it change just in wisconsin? >> so, wisconsin if you win the state you get a certain number of delegates and then if you win congressional districts you get a certain number of delegates. if you win just by a little bit you generally take most of the congressional districts and you take the statewide delegates. like missouri, trump won by a few tenths of a percentage point but he got significantly more delegates than cruz did. so, you know, if cruz could just win by a point he'll probably
10:55 am
end up winning most of the congressional districts and he'll prevent trump from building his delegate edge. a state like california is the same way. it's a congressional district by congressional district battle. if you win statewide you're generally going to win most of the districts but if you don't you're going to fall behind. there's a clear path for trump. he can get tripped up and that could start in wisconsin. >> yeah. what about john kasich. look, he's been adamant about winning the nomination. mathematically is it impossible? >> it is impossible, but i think that kasich is gambling that if he got to the convention, if he showed some momentum late in the game that, you know, the convention is filled with kind of establishment-type people. kasich is an establishment-type of candidate. he would probably be the strongest general election candidate so he would hope to win the convention on the second, third, fourth battle, something like that. so, you know, there is a path
10:56 am
for kasich but it involves winning the nomination in a contested convention in his home state of ohio. >> can kasich and cruz together slow down trump? >> yeah, i think so. i think that you're going to see kasich maybe try to play more in northeastern states that are maybe conservative and more open to a candidate like kasich and cruz is maybe a western candidate. i think that at this point there has to be this kind of de facto alliance between cruz and kasich to try to deny trump 1237 and then go to the convention and see what happens. >> what about for the dems? our numbers show that sanders has to win 66%. can he do it? is it plausible? >> i don't think it's plausible barring some sort of disaster for hillary clinton if she's indicted over the e-mail scandal, which is unlikely but still possible. the math just doesn't add up for sanders even though he's been having some good days, including yesterday where he won big in a number of caucuses.
10:57 am
>> kyle, thank you so much from the krystal ball. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> i'm alex witt. thanks very much. up next, chuck todd interviews bernie sanders and after that we report live from brussels. lerat. accelerating next. hewlett packard enterprise. (pilot talking to tower on radio) once you get out here... there's just one direction... forward. one time: now. and there's just one sound. you and us... together. telling the world... we're coming for you.
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this sunday, terror in brussels after another horrific isis attack on yet another european capitol, are major intelligence failings putting more lives at risk. >> this country seems overwhelmed by the scale of the threat. we'll have the latest from a city on edge. plus, the trump effect. the republican race devolves even further. >> donald, you're a sniffling coward and leave heidi the hell alone. >> is this now the new normal. also, convention chaos. >> the delegates are not bound to vote according to the primary. >> how the republican establishment can den


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